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Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, with a large backyard or a small terrace, adding some greenery to your space is a wonderful way to enhance your outdoor living area.

Gardening is an activity that suits all ages and it’s something the entire family can do together. Especially for children, it’s an excellent sensory learning experience (and one where they are encouraged to get dirty!).

Together, you will love cultivating your own gardens, planting seeds and watching the plants grow. All you need to do is decide what type of garden you want to grow and where you can plant it, and then you are ready to get started!

A small herb garden is a great way to liven up a balcony or a back deck with lots of tall green leaves and sprouts that can be trimmed to use while cooking. Think chives, basil, thyme, parsley and mint. Of course, like most plants, some are more compatible than others. So, consider what herbs you like to cook with and do some research to ensure that they can grow well side-by-side.

One example is the mint plant, which can grow fast and furious, so it is recommended to plant it in its own pot so it doesn’t overtake other herbs. Most herbs need six hours of direct sunlight to grow and the soil needs to be watered to stay moist.

Herb gardens are great for new and seasoned gardeners alike, they are fragrant and tasty and easy to grow in any space – and most can be brought inside to continue growing in the winter!

Using native plants in your garden is an environmentally impactful and beautiful way to enhance your outdoor space. Find out what plants are native to your region and use them to green your space – big or small.

By adding native plants to your backyard, railing planters and decorative pots, you can improve the habitat for bees, butterflies, birds and other wildlife. Imagine planting this way, learning with your children while digging and watering, and supporting an ecosystem at the same time!

You’ll find that there is a wide variety of plants to choose from, some that are best in the sun, others in shade, all the while thriving in their native environment. In Ontario, some popular native plants include the Aster plant, which has many variations, the Black-Eyed Susan plant, the Cardinal Flower - the hummingbird’s

Sharing a hobby like gardening with your kids is a great way teach life lessons, important science and how to live a sustainable lifestyle. No matter the size of the space, there are innovative ways to cultivate your garden and one of the ways is a vertical garden.

There are many designs of vertical planters, some of which resemble a bookshelf, or a magazine holder, or can simply be window boxes, hanging pots or a trellis. Designed to hang or perch on walls or railings, they are perfect for condo balconies and townhome terraces, so that you can plant herbs or flowers vertically, and use very little space to grow a lush garden.

Dare to dream about your outdoor oasis and whether it’s a large backyard or a sun-soaked balcony, you can find simple ways to add greenery and gardens that fit your space and your budget.

Once you’ve decided what type of garden you want to grow and you’ve collected all of the supplies you need to start planting, the fun part begins! Enjoy the gardening season with your family and your outdoor oasis will be lush in no time!