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At Calibrex, we always say: ‘for a home that fulfills all your dreams, start with a builder who shares your vision.’ Our unique and masterfully-designed homes cater to our home buyers’ lifestyles in every way and it shows in our attention to detail and our distinctive craftsmanship, as well as our dedication to customer satisfaction from start to finish.

When it comes to designing your dream home, when you work with Calibrex, it is our mission to make your vision come to life. Over the last 20 years of designing and building homes, we have narrowed down five of the most important tools our customers can use to prepare for the most memorable and magical experience of their lives.

Here are five helpful tips and tools for designing your dream home.


We dare you to dream. Lose yourself in those nice-to-haves and write down a long list of nice-to-haves, and another list of must-haves. Spend some time looking at décor magazines and pull out some images of features and finishes you’d love to have in your new home. Visualize each room and think about how you want to use it, what would make it more comfortable, where would place furniture and guests?

All of this will help when it comes to sitting down and examining a floor plan with our team. Dreaming of how your home will look from the outside in, will also help when it comes time to work with our design team to select your finishes. Everything from cabinetry to countertops and flooring, our team is ready to guide your decision-making and help you put a personalized finishing touch in every room in your dream home.


Matching your home to your lifestyle is one of the best pieces of advice we can give.

Will you be working from home and you need a sun-filled office space? Do you like to entertain and would you love a separate play room for the kids?

All of these considerations and more will help you design your dream home. Envision yourself in the space and use the floor plans designed by industry leaders for each of our models and elevations. Picture where the furniture would be placed, what type of storage you would like in each room and how it will be used on a daily basis. Work with our team to ensure the space functions as your see fit.


If you’ve been eyeing the racks of design and décor magazines, now is the time to purchase them! Get crafty and create an inspiration board, cut out features and finishes, as well as colour and material palettes from the magazines that catch your attention.

The most important thing about prioritizing the features and finishes that will personalize your dream home, is to make it your own. This is where your handy lists will really help. Grab those must-have and nice-to-have lists and begin prioritizing based on budget, function and availability.

Consider colours, materials and fabrics. We are seeing a move away from custom to more minimal sensibility and you will see this reflected in our designer-curated palettes. From the cabinetry to countertops, to natural hardwood flooring instead of stained, to a rainbow of paint colours, you can work with a design professional here at Calibrex to guide your decision-making and make this part of the process less stressful and more enjoyable.


Lighting is so important! From natural light to choosing light fixtures throughout the home, making a statement with decorative lighting and thinking about energy savings. During the cooler months, direct sun will help to reduce heating costs and in the summer, using window shades and taking advantage of the tree canopy outside will be advantageous. Another great tip is integrating home automation and many programs that use technology to help with temperature and lighting in your home to help you save on energy costs.

When looking at the layout of your new home, think about the view from the front and the back windows and sliding doors. What do you want to see while sipping your morning coffee? Would French or sliding doors in the kitchen give you great access to the backyard, as well as fill the room with natural light? Do you want big, bright and sunny bedrooms? Would a main floor corner office with lots of natural light help your productivity?


Purchasing a new home is a big investment and an exciting time in your life. Our customer service team is ready to help you every step of the way. There are some big decisions to be made about the design and function of your home, and then there are smaller ones.

Starting with the size and type of the home, and then the layout of the home, are really the big decisions. While selecting features and finishes seem like more big decisions, they are smaller and can be fun!

Our interior design team is professional and keen to help you create a palette that elevates every room. While current trends are modern and minimalist, you may find that contemporary, classic or boho chic is more your style. Selecting your décor finishing touches should be exciting, and these can take time to organize after your move in. Items like rugs, throws and pillows for the couch, artwork and paintings, lampshades and even accents like wallpaper and filling your built-ins with books and picture frames, will happen over a few months.


Designing your dream home should be memorable and magical. Lean on us, your new home experts and our team will step up to help in every way to ensure your experience is the best it can be. We are ready to help you turn your dream home vision into a reality.